About us

No 44 is a new luxury label, inspired by women who transcend trends, the woman in power but yet feminine by wearing a man-inspired piece in sensual cuts and beautiful fabrics.

The brand was born out of love and the desire to make women feel vibrant, modern, and beautiful wearing the most timeless fashion item: jeans. Our entire project reflects the back to basic concept, stressing simplicity and attachment to fundamental principles, focusing on details, tailored thoroughly from top-end materials.

From worker’s uniform to symbol of youth rebellion to fashion statement, denim came a long way, underwent changes, and perfected shape and utility. Today jeans are the number one fashion essential, from the runway shows to the day by day life.

Starting from a dream to make a jean comfortable and yet utterly seductive, we want to be practical, to create styles that match at the office next to a shirt, on a relaxed holiday wearing sneakers or in heels feeling fabulous.

That’s it! Nothing else. No other story behind it.

A young team working hard at what they love.